More Paper Doodles

More drawing with paper and scissors.

Do Some Work

Last week I spent the morning doodling with ink and paper cut outs. There's nothing quite like making work with no particular outcome in mind, it's very freeing.

New website for 2016!

We have a new website! We were looking for a blogging platform to build in to the site for news, thoughts, sketches and more of a dialogue between you and I when we decided to resurrect our old friend here on blogger. There's a 5 year gap between this and the last post.

The old simonelia.com website is no more and if you have been very vigilant, you may have noticed that the site was down for a few weeks. We planned to design and build a new website this Autumn, we of course imagined that it would be a simple and smooth transition but before we started the work we somehow managed to delete the old website whilst moving it to a new web provider. It was one of those moments when you can feel your individual hair strands frizzing and deciding to give up on life.

The good news is that we now have this lovely new site with more work to see and a new shop. We're excited about what we can offer you, especially the collaboration with Tiger Mouse who have made a limited edition of beautiful Fluffy Skateboards for children. There are new prints and artwork available for you for gifts for your loved ones or for yourself at home.



Hello, I have a new website and from now on all of my blog posts will be posted up on this site. Woo-hoo. www.simonelia.com