Jo's Sculpture

My friend Johanna Ward was telling me all about Queen Elizabeth the First the other day and how she used to fall  over from the weight of her jewelry pinned to the front of her dress.  Jo is a European sculpture expert at Sotheby's and with a bit of coaxing/bullying she made this fab play dough relief sculpture of the Queen moments before her topple.

Inconvenient Phone Caller


Field with Three Pigeons

I found another old oil painting today. I think fields are the best thing to paint, they're magic.


MASSIVE snowflake

I took a photo from my studio window of the snow, it was only afterwards that I noticed this massive snowflake.


In Memory of a Disused Petrol Station

Even though they've built modern flats where you once stood, disused petrol station in Nunhead; I won't forget you.


New Graphic Novel in Progress

I'm working on a new book, I've started again from scratch recently so am only on page 34 but it's getting there.  

New edition of Little Giant

Gullane Children's Books have brought out a dinky new board book edition of Little Giant.  I'm very pleased with the new size and feel of the book. It's available from February.

Building Illustrations

I've just completed my first illustration of the year for Tony Binghams legal column in Building magazine.  Here are a couple of last years illustrations.