Happiness Exhibition

Hello peeps,

I'm taking part in an exhibition of artists from 'Happiness at Work Studios', it will be at The Print House Gallery in Dalston from Friday 29th October to Sunday 15th of November. I'll be showing a painting from a series of works based on theme tunes from Australian soaps of the 70's 80's.

I'm particularly excited about the show because 'Happiness at Work' was a dream of mine way back in the early noughties with the idea of having a studio where freelancers who usually work from home can work under the same roof and be a community. The idea was to have a range of creatives who would have opportunities to exhibit their work. I set up the studios with Stephen Smart in 2003 at The Turk's Head (formerly a pub now a cafe) in Wapping. The studios are now run by Jon Aldenton of The Environment Trust. This will be Happiness's second show. Artists include Sarah Horne, Catell Ronca, Steve Smith, Harriet Russell, Sandra Howgate and photographer John Tarby.

Happiness at Work is now planning to spread it;s wings and establish other studios where the opportunity arises and has set up in the Granton Lighthouse in Edinburgh with a local partner.