Hello, I have a new website and from now on all of my blog posts will be posted up on this site. Woo-hoo. www.simonelia.com



Hello! I'm in my artists garret at the moment working out ideas and sketches for a series of paintings. I would love to do an exhibition. Whilst I'm here and you're there, do you know of anyone who might like to show some paintings?

Thank you.

How To Draw Bunnies

Hello! This was a recent fun thing for the Guardian, originally shown here



Hello to you and hello to Chip and Bean. I'd been wondering where you are.



So, I've been a bit quiet on the blog for a few months, the reason being is that I've had my head down making a graphic novel and it's been a total emotional roller coaster this one. Bar a few bits of design I've actually finished it, phew and hurrah! The project started way back in 2007 when I had a moment with God in Leicester Square, I silently cried out to him and heard him respond, rather unconventionally, through the lyrics of an INXS song. I was inspired to seek an adventure with Him and in that moment I also imagined in my hands the finished book. I was truly excited about the possibilities and challenges of drawing my relationship with God. It's been a bit of a journey as they say and my confidence has wavered greatly whilst doing this project - I've started over from scratch a couple of times. With great thanks to the friends around me and also some amazingly kind people who offered support and mentoring, the job is done. Hopefully you'll enjoy the book and find it funny too. The release date isn't til Autumn 2012! Gdoing! I will let you know more about it nearer the publishing date. Until then I'll post more regularly on here.

Thank you!


Rob Davis and Woodrow Phoenix have come up with a brilliant idea for a collaborative graphic novel that is featuring 50 UK comic artists to tell one story about Nel Baker from her birth to the present day. I was keen to take part and am representing Nel in 1984. Here is some more info about the project, it will be out this November!


A well oiled mind

This was commissioned by The Guardian, they wanted a visual story in response to the theme of oil. I worked with the editor to come up with this piece with the gloomy and frightening concept of oil subjugating our lives. Here is full piece for The Guardian.

Dancing Coffee Bean!


Greeting Cards

Urban Graphic, are a design led greeting card company. They've just produced a new range of greeting cards 'Toasted' and I'm very pleased to be part of the new range with Chip and Bean's 'Cake'.

Check out Urban Graphics blog Toasted which showcases contemporary design and illustration, including Thereza Rowe of Tiny Red Design who has an inspiring blog on her website. The card range can be seen here


Hello Sausage! New Screenprint!

Happy New Year all! This is a rather be-lated blog posting - apologies, it's been rather busy at this end.

I've been doing some work with Jealous (Jealous Gallery and Print Studio) they are screenprinting a new edition of Hello Sausage! Last year they printed Hello Sausage! in red as a limited edition, I'm very impressed with the quality of their workmanship, they printed the work beautifully. The prints sold out before I had a chance to put them up here.

Now Jealous are making a new larger edition of the print in yellow - whoop whoop!
The size is 56 x 65 cm onto 300 gsm somerset satin cotton mould paper. Limited edition of 75.
Price £125 unframed.

Jealous will have a stand at The London Art Fair this January 19-23 at the Business Design Centre Upper Street Islington. It will also be on available from their gallery, their address is 27, Park Road, N8 8TE, Crouch End. London. If you're interested in getting your mits on one of these prints do get in touch.

Ta ta for now x