Giraffes in Bath

Play dough sculptures.

Cursed Fig Tree

I made a couple of paintings earlier this year inspired by parts of the Gospel of Luke. This one is a bit of a bleak depiction, it's from the story about Jesus getting angry with a fig tree.

Sketch Book Drawings

Lately I've been making it a habit to draw whilst in transit or waiting. Quite often people are so lost in their thoughts that they don't notice the people around them, quite handy for me.

Too Cold

I hear you Worm, it's too cold to go outside that's why I'm staying home.  This morning I was vaguely thinking that I could get a blog and now with a few clicks and a bit of head scratching I've got one, hurrah! The plan is to put up recent drawings and bits of news.   This illustration was from a range of Christmas cards that are on my page at Moo