Hi peeps, I couldn't resist another potato post.

Did you get it?  It's spuddite as in luddite.  If you got it then you get 10 points and you are the winner.  My pals in the pub didn't get it. Kuba told me that spuddite means get lost in Polish.  


Spud the difference

My friend Kuba was mocking me in the pub because he thinks my job is drawing potatoes all day. He came up with this idea as a further mock. I quite like it! Cheers Q. Can you spud the difference? The first to spud the two differences wins a personalised spud (drawing). Good luck!


Paul and his Missus

Hurrah for Paul! I hope that he's predicted a nice holiday in Barbados for next week, he deserves it.


A Real Fluffy

A rabbit has moved into my Dads garden and made it his home, he's been living here for a month and seems to be most content. There is an abundant supply of vegetables and fruit growing but Fluffy seems to prefer the weeds!

Also I forgot to mention last week that the very talented Thereza Rowe of Tiny Red Design blog fame has kindly made a write up of my work on Doodlers Anonymous

Pops Art

My Dad started making art for the first time about 10 years ago and the house is packed with his paintings and sculptures. He is prolific. I think his work is quite exciting - am I being biased? I'm always inspired after seeing what he's been up to. Hope that you like these..