A few things here, I'm a visiting lecturer at The University of Westminster and some of the students will be showcasing their work at New Blood (D&AD) Truman Brewery, Friday 25 - Monday 28th of June 10am -6am. There'll be lots of talent here, it's always worth going to see the D&AD shows.

Winner of last years the observer/cape graphic short story prize Vivien Mcdermid and her boyfriend Michael have made this amazing animation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3jfBJko3oWk

The Rude Britannia show at the Tate Britain is fun and very different to the shows I've seen there before. I'm well chuffed to have a piece on those walls.

For one night only I'll have my work at the Saatchi Gallery, kind of. Deutsche Bank will be holding their annual awards given to artists. There will be an exhibition and a pop up shop for past winners on the 28th of June, I'll be selling prints from my website at the gallery. Unfortunately it's not going to be an open event but these prints are available to buy directly from me.


Hi there [part 1]

The room is crowded.
I am surprised to see you and try to catch your eye, but you don't see me.
Making my way over through the throb of people I see you leaving via the back door, you don't hear me call your name. You're skipping down a staircase, beginning to run now, down the metal stairs. I call your name again but you don't hear because the sound of your wooden shoes on the metal is clanging and clonking and echoing as you urgently, now frantically run down another staricase then another and another. I'm waving my arms and my voice is hoarse from calling, I'm flying down the stairs trying to reach you. But you are running too fast. Out of breath I pause to think. What am I doing? You're in the distance now, the sound of your wooden shoes on the metal floor barely audible, you are a dot on the horizon. You disappear.
I only wanted to say 'hi there'.

Hi there [part 2]