Spud the difference

My friend Kuba was mocking me in the pub because he thinks my job is drawing potatoes all day. He came up with this idea as a further mock. I quite like it! Cheers Q. Can you spud the difference? The first to spud the two differences wins a personalised spud (drawing). Good luck!


  1. The one with the high eye is on the left, rather than the right hand side of my screen. Is that it?

    -cDave (Livejournal OATH seems to be down)

  2. The tiny spot on the first potato's cheek is missing from the second one, and the second one appears to have a tiny spot on it's … er … thigh?

    Oh, and the second one has a slightly lower belly button.

    Are these two Chip's parents?

  3. Oh go on then Simone.....Spud 1 (left) has a beauty spot on his left cheek, close to his eye, which Spud 2 does not have. Spud 2's beauty spot is also on the left, but it is low down below the level of his mouth. Spud 1 does not have that one.

    What's wrong with drawing spuds all day?! Its perhaps marginally better than my work lately, which involves drawing myself all day :P

    I hope you're well,


  4. Spud on the left is interested in Nietzsche, right likes Eastenders.

    I'm right arn't I?

  5. as wonderful as ever, smiling wide! love visiting your blog dear Simone :) hope you're having a nice summer so far.

  6. Hello Peeps. Well done for your spud answers - you will each receive potato post. Email me at info (at ) simonelia (dot) com with your address and I'll send 'em over.

    I think that these might very well be Chips parents. I hope that your book is going well Katie! Kuba was teasing in a nice way, I'll send him spud too.

  7. The one on the left is destined to be mashed. The one on the right will be chips!

    Yay for potato art!

  8. Yes! Hurrah for the poe-ta-ta

  9. Yeep! http://swisscheeseandbullets.com/post/879121256/simone-lia-creator-of-the-excellent-fluffy-and