A Real Fluffy

A rabbit has moved into my Dads garden and made it his home, he's been living here for a month and seems to be most content. There is an abundant supply of vegetables and fruit growing but Fluffy seems to prefer the weeds!

Also I forgot to mention last week that the very talented Thereza Rowe of Tiny Red Design blog fame has kindly made a write up of my work on Doodlers Anonymous


  1. This is cuteness personified (rabbitified?!). I am ever so slightly envious...

  2. I think you should sew him a little red hoodie and dress him up. Real rabbits like to wear clothes, right?

  3. That rabbit is cute, he won't let me get close to him though even when I pretended to be a big bunny so I'm not sure if he'll let me dress him up. A red hoodie would be very nice though, I might leave out a tractor book and see if he takes interest...